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We are currently casting for She Think She's Cute Stage Play.  Whether you’re an experienced voice actor or just starting out, we welcome your talent and passion.

  • ​We are casting for Understudies for all roles.

  • We are casting for Background Actors. 


Understudy actors have a vital role in our productions, as they would take on the role should the casted actor be unable to appear on stage. The understudy then takes over the part. Being an understudy requires dedication, focus and respect.  It is imperative to recognize that the art of theater requires hard work, and that the role of an understudy actor is crucial. This role demands a full commitment of time and concentration. All actors are expected to behave professionally and respectfully on set at all times. 

*Understudies must learn the lines and blocking of the casted actor. 

She Thinks She’s Cute Stage Play," is a story of raw emotions, assumptions and jealousy. This captivating and thought-provoking stage play written and directed by Denise Williams explores the issue of why some women judge other women by outside appearances. This play follows the life of a group of women, some of whom are all struggling with insecurities and self-doubt. They are constantly comparing themselves to other women and putting them down. This ultimately leads to a lot of drama and conflict within their lives. She Thinks She’s Cute ultimately shows that when women support and lift each other up, they are much stronger and happier.  It encourages us to be kind to others, unselfish and reminds us not to judge others.


Casting Call

Date/Time: Saturday, March 9, 2024, 12 pm - 3 pm (sign-ups begin at 11:30 am)


The Thrive Center, 1999 Parker Court, Unit G, Stone Mountain, GA 30087


Sides will be provided.

*Rehearsals, 4/24 - 7/24; Performances starting August 2024*

Below you will find brief descriptions of the main characters and their roles in the story.

Please read them carefully and choose the one that suits you best. Then, use the calendar below to submit your information and schedule your slot at the casting call.

We look forward to seeing your performance!

Roles in this Project



Lead. Female. 32-40

The unwavering boutique manager who is resolute to move forward despite the challenges and drama surrounding her.


Determined, Humble, Unyielding, Unwavering

Must be able to sing

Must have own music recorded

Previous acting experience required



Supporting Role. Female. 36-45

A successful and determined personal assistant who navigates the opinions of others with imperturbable confidence and grace.


Confident and Calm demeanor, fiercely dressed

Previous acting experience required


Female. 32-40

The sassy, outspoken nurse and that friend who loves the "tea" and always has an opinion about everything all the time which causes drama and chaos.


Outspoken, Poised, Assertive

Previous acting experienced required



Female. 32-40

The humorous, sensitive and impressionable Marketing Assistant who is very assumptive which often leads to emotional decisions.


Emotional, Humorous, Sensitive

Previous acting experienced required


Male. 32-40
The traveling professional who finds himself in unfamiliar territory that threatens life as he knows it, and leaves an impression on those around him.

Professional, Determined, Resilient


Male. 33-40
A hardworking professional who possesses a unique mix of charm, wit, and unapologetic confidence who’s not afraid to speak his mind.

Unapologetic, Charming, Charismatic


Female. 56-60

A devoted and loving mother who looks to her faith and prayers to provide herself and others with strength in turbulent times.

Loving, Caring, Faithful


Female. 28-34

The passionate, talented marketing guru who is committed to her passion despite the conflicts that come her way. 

Passionate, Hard-working, Slightly timid

Male. 12-15
A devoted son with a bright future who loves his parents and is engrossed in sports and drama class.

Respectful, Athletic, Polite

Background Actors

Background actors have a vital role in our productions, as they fill the scenes with realistic and authentic elements. Working as a background actor is a great opportunity to learn from the professional environment and to develop skills such as teamwork and self-confidence. However, being a background actor is not easy. It requires dedication, focus and respect. All background actors are expected to behave professionally and respectfully on set at all times.

Background actors perform in non-speaking roles, serving an important function in our productions by populating the scenes, giving them an aura of realism and authenticity. For the background actor, each role provides an exciting chance to gain professional on set experience – the kind of real-life experience that can boost self-confidence through hard work and cooperation. 

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